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Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

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Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

Full-price items only, unless otherwise stated. Other terms may apply — see the shop's website for full details.

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Do you want to save money when you shop at Omlet UK? Then, you can benefit from their discount code. Here are some of their best offers. You can also avail free delivery for orders over GBP 50. To enjoy the discount offers, subscribe to the newsletter of Omlet and you will be updated with the latest deals and discounts from this online store. You can also find other useful Omlet Discount Code (UK) and coupon codes in this newsletter.

The discount codes are valid for purchases made at Omlet's online shop. To avail of the promotion, you must subscribe to their newsletter. This will help you keep yourself updated about any new discount offers and exclusive deals. You can also use the discount code at any point to get more discounts. However, you should note that this code cannot be combined with any other discount offers. It is best to use it before the expiry date. Then, you can start shopping.

In addition to the discount code, you can also avail of the Peck Toy at a discounted price. The promotion will last till Wednesday. To avail of the promotion, you should use the promo code PECKSM. This code can be used to get a 20% discount on selected products. Among the best Omlet items is the Geo Bird Coop, the Qute Hamster Cage, and the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop.

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There can be many reasons why Omlet discounts aren't validating or working. Check the error message carefully, and follow these tips.

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Saving money at Omlet — a guide

Shopping online at Omlet is easy, but finding a 6% discount or promotion is not. Whether you are searching for NHS discounts or just a regular person, we are here at DiscountCodes.UK.com to save you money on your next purchase at Omlet. Some example vouchers that you may have seen before:

  1. 12% off for keyworkers and NHS
  2. Get free shipping when you spend over £34
  3. Students and those with NUS cards or UNIDAYS get -15% off everything

The above are just examples; but that doesn't mean that you cannot get a working promotion for Omlet with us here. We update this website every day, sometimes up to 20 times a day, to bring you best Offer Codes, Deals, Discounts and more.

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How To Save at Omlet

When it comes to designing a chicken coop, the Omlet brand has nailed it! Their chicks' housing units are crafted with human creature comforts in mind, such as easy cleaning and sliding floors. This makes the coop environment safer for the chickens and less likely to harbor harmful materials and diseases. The doors lock securely, allowing for a safe nighttime environment for the hens. Sturdy metal cages allow for the full outdoor enclosure experience, and optional wheels enable them to roam freely, allowing for fresh vegetation and healthy scratching behaviors. They are also designed with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payment options.

Eglu Cube

The Eglu Cube for Omlet chicken hen house is a perfect fit for a small town garden with as little as 10 chickens. Its revolutionary design makes keeping more chickens practical and enjoyable. Its smooth surfaces and slide-out dropping tray make cleaning up a breeze. What's more, this chicken housing does not require any treatment. The Eglu Cube is available in two sizes: small and medium.

The Omlet Eggu Cube is the biggest model available and will house up to 10 bantams, six to eight medium sized hens, or up to four large breed hens. It's designed for easy access and has a separate laying area and an Eggport door for convenient egg collection. It comes with an optional nest box and a choice of run lengths. Omlet is the industry-leading manufacturer of chicken housing systems, and the Eggu Cube is no exception.

Cleaning the Eglu Cube is a breeze. The dropping tray slides out easily using hidden finger buttons. The Eglu Cube's back panel is removable, allowing you to clean the roosting floor and dividing wall. For easier cleaning, you can use a pressure washer or hose. The Eglu Cube is also dishwasher-safe, so there's no worry about the mess.

Eglu Go

If you're looking for a stylish way to keep chickens, the Eglu Go Omlet chicken coop may be the perfect solution. Designed for two medium-sized chickens, this coop comes with everything you need to get started. Plastic roosting bars and a discrete nesting area provide the perfect home for your new flock. This coop also includes a door on the back for easy access.

The Eglu Go Omlet combines the flexibility of mobility with the convenience of a mobile coop. This coop is elevated on a frame, has an attached run, and has wheels that allow it to be moved from place to place. The thick plastic structure features two doors for human use, as well as one for the chickens to enter and exit the run area. The coop comes with an egg-laying area, an elevated run, and an insulated tray for catching manure.

The Eglu Go Up coop offers a beautiful, minimalistic design that will look great in any garden. The coop itself is 144cm x 218cm, and is fitted with wheels for easy mobility. The Eglu Go Up coop is priced at £235 for a 2m run, and costs £360 for the larger one. It's definitely not cheap, but you'll get a lot for your money. Compared to many of the cheaper alternatives, this coop offers excellent value for money.

Twin wall insulation

Twin wall insulation in an Omlet chicken coop is an excellent way to provide a cool climate in summers and a warm one in winters. The insulation helps keep the coop comfortable all year round and is designed to resist various weather conditions. The coop includes durable feeders and waterers. It is easy to clean and is weather resistant. The Omlet coop is ideal for chickens of all ages.

Another important feature to look for in a chicken coop is the ventilation. A poorly ventilated coop can lead to unpleasant drafts, moisture buildup, and even a dangerous heat exhaustion condition. If a coop is too tightly insulated, it may not provide the ventilation that chickens need to stay healthy and comfortable. This could lead to respiratory diseases in your chickens. Alternatively, you could purchase a coop with a ventilator.

Omlet's Eglu Cube model is an excellent choice if you have a small flock of hens. It's easy to install and comes with a sturdy ladder for easy access. The Eglu Cube chicken coop offers a 15 square foot interior, is two feet long, and is equipped with an anti-tunnel skirt and twin wall insulation. Omlet chicken coops come with two ventilation systems: one to mimic the natural behavior of chickens, and the other to keep the environment draft-free.

Fox proof run

If you have a large garden, you'll want to invest in a fox-proof run for your Omlet chicken coop. The fox-proof run comes in various lengths, including 2, 3 and 4 meters. Unlike wooden versions, these run structures are breathable and are designed to keep the coop cool during the hot summers and dry during the cold winters. If you have a lawn that's uneven, you can add optional wheels to the run.

A good chicken coop has many safety features. For example, it has a roosting space that can be accessed by a locking knob. It also features a rear access point that prevents predators from digging underneath the run. And it's made of durable plastic that's easy to clean. Moreover, the fox proof run for Omlet chicken coop has a large front door that's locked by a latch.

If you don't want to install a fox-proof run for Omlet chicken coop, you can add a wire netting panel to the coop's floor. This prevents foxes from getting through the gaps between the metal sheeting and the wooden posts. You can also install electric fencing. Some solar powered fences are also useful. You can also install a small battery-operated electric fence around the top of the fence.

Easy to move

The Omlet Easy to Move chicken coop is a great choice if you are looking to move your hens from one spot to another. Its unique design allows you to easily move it from one location to another with just one person. The coop features drop-down wheels that don't leave rivets in your grass, and it has an anti-tunnel skirt to keep predators away. The Omlet chicken coop is finished with attractive green cladding.

If you're planning on moving your Omlet hens, you can purchase prefabricated run materials and instructions. These prefabricated coops offer more space than traditional coops, and the Omlet Walk In hen house is an option for semi-range hens. If you want to move your Omlet chicken coop easily, you can opt for the Omlet Walk In. It provides the hens with more space to run around, plus it has a door that opens for easy access.

The Omlet chicken coop comes with an optional attached run. You can purchase a run with various lengths. A run encloses the space, allowing you to move it from one location to another with ease. The run is attached to the Omlet coop via wheels. With its built-in skirt, it is easy to clean and access your hens' food without the hassle of moving it.


The price of an Omlet chicken coop varies depending on the features you choose and the materials used for construction. Materials used include framing, wall and roof coverings, and mesh. The basic Omlet chicken coop is made of wood, which is inexpensive, but can be more expensive if you want to add extra features such as roosts or nest boxes. The Omlet chicken coop includes the ladders required to access the coop's roof and side panels.

Omlet is an English company based in Wardington, UK, that specialises in chicken houses. They manufacture and sell their products all over the world. The basic Omlet chicken coop costs around £160. You can also purchase additional materials to construct the run, including run boards, and follow their instructions. If you want a larger run or semi-range hens, the Omlet Walk In is a better choice. The Walk In model is made specifically for medium-sized chickens and offers extra protection, but also provides easy access.

The Omlet Eglu Cube coop features an integrated nest box, an eggport with a sliding door, and a non-slip ladder. Additional features include two locking doors, a nesting area, and no-spill food containers. Omlet also offers a model with a 6 or 9-foot run and an extended chicken run. Omlet chicken coops are great for beginners, since they provide additional space for foraging and breeding.

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